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Pygmy Goats

Pygmies make wonderful pets and our does are great milkers too!  Our kids are given lots of love and attention so they are sure to be sweet.   We sell kids and offer full Billy service.  





We are sold out of kids for the moment but we have a picture above of some adorable newborns.    And some of our favorites below.  

Sorry you must pick them up, we don't ship our kids!


"Peanut Butter"

We just call him PeaNUT!








"Hot Chocolate"


Our Beloved Does


Fformerly Punky Brewster.  This little doe was a tiny weak triplet and was bottle fed from 1 day old and raised in the house.  She still thinks she should be able to come inside   She was unable to even stand up for a couple of weeks, but we never gave up on her and she has been fat and sassy since weaning.  .  



Molly is smaller than Punky but is her best buddy whether she admits it or not.  They both hang out in the yard with the geese all day.  They stay out of the road and do not have to be tied up.  They follow me everywhere and help with the chores.












Our cantankerous  "Billy Goat's Gruff"


Billy Service $25

We offer complete loving care and service of your pygmy or dwarf does. Our fee includes food and board for up to 4 days,  including a return check at next cycling.  Any does not bred may be returned for service at no extra charge.  

Our Billy throws some of the most beautifully marked kids you've ever seen and he is anxious to please!  




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