Welcome to our Ranch!  We are a small family owned farm and we are proud to serve customers nationwide.  We are finally getting around to our long awaited updating of this site.  Soon we hope to have all breeds and new pictures up.  Please be patient - we are simply busy serving you...our customer and yes, we are still in hatching season...

We Raise the Following:

Paint, Tennessee Walker and Arabian Horses; Angora Goats; Pygmy Goats; Pygora Goats; Shetland Sheep; Cotswold/Shetland Cross Sheep; Llamas; Alpacas; English and French Angora Rabbits; Dwarf Hotot & Lionhead Rabbits; Standard and Bantam Poultry Waterfowl and Peafowl

Horses for Sale

Coming Soon - our 07 crop of colts!!


Click on the Pix below to see more of these gorgeous babes!

 We will give a discount on multiple purchases.   None of our beautiful babes are registered or papered.

Please email us right away if you are interested -we sell everything quickly!


Geronimo - Tri-color Paint Colt   





Prince - Arabian Colt (color changing)   





Queenie - Sorrel w/blonde mane/tail Walking Horse Paint Filly




  Quest -Sorrel  Walking Horse Paint Colt


We will have French Angoras ($35) and English Angoras ($45) available in a few weeks.

We have currently have Netherland Dwarfs and Lionheads for sale.

Poultry and Waterfowl

Currently Prebooking for 2007!!

We are sold out of all chicks, ducklings, goslings, and peachicks for 2007.  We are still prebooking hatching eggs for most varieties.  Please email us for current availability as we are selling out of breeds/colors on a daily basis now and selling to fast to post here.  All waterfowl hatchings will be sold out in the next few weeks.

Place your orders early to avoid disappointment! Many things are already sold out so please get your orders in quickly.  We are offering lower numbers than last year so we are almost sold out of everything already.  Due to the extremely high demand for these quality birds, all orders must be paid for at time of prebook in order to hold your place in line.



New Designs in our Gallery

 T-Shirts, Totes & Aprons featuring Poultry, Rabbits & Pygmy Goats

Poultry, Waterfowl & Hatching Eggs Currently Available

These are selling out daily now so click to email us for availability

View all our T-Shirt, Totebag and Apron Designs Here


Pygmy Kids and Billy Service Currently Available

We have pygmy kids Coming Soon!

Click here for Pygora and Angora Kids Currently Available - Coming Soon!

Click here for Mohair and Angora Fiber Available

Click here for Mohair and Angora hand-spun yarns Available

Click here for Hand-spun and Knitted Garments Available


Lambs Currently Available

Gentle Spirit

Gentle spirit,
down deep inside,
listening to natures song,
watching the clouds go by...

In the valley, full of life,
there is a stream,
bubbling and flowing free,
it makes me want to dream.

Fond thoughts of days gone by.
Moments that I held so dear.
Faces of friends that I use to know,
where do all the good times go?

Gentle spirit,
down deep inside,
trying to understand
why the years fly.

In the morning when I rise
there is a dream.
A dream that I think is real,
today is what it brings.

Hopes I had long ago haunt me, 

still I can't let go.
A wish I made when I was young,
to this day its still the one.

Gentle spirit,
down deep inside,
listening to natures song,
watching the clouds drift by...

In the valley, full of life
there is a stream,
bubbling and flowing free,
it makes me want to dream.



Gentle Spirit Midi and Lyrics


used with permission




Happy Trails!

Until we meet again....


We are currently under-construction please check back soon!




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